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How long does it take a nerve to die in a tooth?

I have had recent dental treatment where the dentist is trying to save the tooth. He exposed a bit of the nerve and quickly covered it and said hopefully it will settle. I have an abscess elsewhere in my mouth now as well as pain in the tooth he has worked on. I have seen the emergency dentist yesterday, he advised me that the nerve may be dying and if so the prognosis for the tooth is poor, he also put me on antibiotics. What I would like to know is, when this pain is going to go. I understand the abscess is causing the pain but what about the pain of a dying nerve as thats the tooth that hurts the most.

How long does it take a nerve to die in a tooth?
Everyone is different,but i'd say at least a month.

What you should do is try and keep the exposed nerve warm. If it's cold outside,wrap a scarf round your mouth.

Swill warm,salt water round your mouth too. The salt will help kill the germs in the abscess too.

Lay down and rest your face on a warm (not boiling hot!) hot water bottle.

And take mild pain killers like Ibrobufen.
Reply:Don't know but it sounds painful...
Reply:for some reason dentists are reluctant to work on teeth if a abcess is present,once your abcess clears go to the dentist and tell him to cut the nerve or fill it ,he shouldnt just let you go away in pain like that
Reply:The nerve is dead as soon as the pain is gone. I'm glad your dentist has you on antibiotics. If you don't have a pain med, try taking Advil for the inflammation, as that's what's causing the pain.

I imagine you're in for a root canal in your future . . .

Good luck!
Reply:if the dentist exposed the nerve and it's still hurting, he needs to do a root canal and take the nerve out, you didn't say if there was other damage to the tooth? if the root is still securely attached, there is no need to remove the tooth, BUT you should not be left in pain like this. Call the dentist at home if your pain is unbearable, could have an emergency visit charge, but no one should have to live in pain like that. I had a root canal the dentist did on the wrong tooth, a week later I turned psychotic on him, he is a little more careful with my teeth now! He can't do a lot of work until the infection clears from the antibiotic, so be sure not to miss a dose, as soon as the infection is gone keep your appointment and have the problem repaired, you don't want that abscess to come back. Abscesses are painful, but nothing like nerve damage!!!!! I hope you feel better soon. P.S. After the nerve is gone, the tooth won't hurt anymore!!
Reply:IDK im going to say someware around a month

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