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My last bracket on braces came off!!???

my dentist is off the whole weekend and on fridays.....the wire is poking me, i cant bend it, or put wax cause it comes off, my cheel skin is peeling and everytime i move my mouth it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can call for an emergency appointment but she will have to come up to the dentist office by herself, should i call??

and what should i do to stop the pain???

My last bracket on braces came off!!???
Chew up some sugarless gum and pad the area with the gum. It sticks better than the wax. If the gum doesn't cut it, call the orthodontist, you've paid alot for the braces, so what if it inconveniences the doctor! You're the one in pain. That's part of the job.
Reply:You don't want that wire poking you in the cheek. That's happened to me once (the wire slid around in the brackets a bit, so a bit was sticking out and poking my cheek, but the ortho was able to cut that bit off). Definitely call and get it taken cared of asap if you can. As to how to get the wire to stop poking, maybe try doing what above responder said about the gum.
Reply:i have braces, i know the pain you're going through, when that happened to me, i went with my dentist as quick as i could, and she told me that if that happens again, consume tempra or Tylenol

sorry, my English is too bad

Alternative To Surgery?

I have an old root canal that is sealed with a post. It seems it is sensitive now...10 years later. X-ray shows that there is a tiny bit of canal left uncleared. In dentistry, this leaves room for infection and bacteria to return at any time. I am totally not for surgery unless it is a complete emergency...that's why I still have my wisdoms. Anyway, the dentist said the only alternatives in this case, because the tooth canal is blocked by the post, is surgery by an Endodontist or extraction. Since this is a front tooth, (sort of), I prefer to keep it. I am hoping I find some other cure for the infection so it does not end up in a surgical procedure that will empty my pocket and emotionally kill me. I am currently taking there anyone at all who knows of any alternative. I hear things like go see a natural dentist. What is that? Any solutions at all out there? God I hope so. Thanks for your help.

Alternative To Surgery?


Reply:Have the surgery done.

Even my acupuncturist would reccomend that in this case.

Don't screw around with your gums and teeth, since thier health directly affects the health of your heart!!!
Reply:Put a drop of tea tree oil on the toothpaste on your brush and brush your teeth twice a day. That will keep infection away.

Does an open sinus post tooth pulling require immediate treatment?

I had a problem tooth and had it pulled. I was told that the root of this tooth went thru the sinus. The dentist packed it with gel foam and advised me to be careful and not to sneeze, cough, etc. Then, disaster--the stitches fell out followed by the gel packing. Now, I have this weird suction feeling with air--the sinus is back open. I am already taking antibiotics. Is this an emergency or can I wait until Monday morning to see the dentist?

Does an open sinus post tooth pulling require immediate treatment?
Go to the emergency room. I had a similar situation and the dentist told me to go to the emergency room.
Reply:The ER did nothing but, write a referral for the next day. Then, the dentist that I got the referral for informed me that he did not repair other dentists work. The original dentist finally referred me to yet another dentist who cannot see me until the end of the month. Report It

Reply:When I had a tooth removed, I had the same thing and they just left it open to close over on its own (and sent me home with antibiotics). I think it would probably depend upon how large the hole is and how easily it can close on its own.
Reply:Call your dentist and he/she will tell you what they think should be done..But you should be fine until monday unless it is really hurting you but if it's just annoying then you'll be fine...Good Luck

Racism in Orange County in the Dental Practices?

I’d visit a dental office located in Laguna Niguel called the office and explained to the office personal that I was just released from the Mission Hospital ER and I was suffering from servere tooth pain and was told that I needed a root canal from the ER Physician. I asked the receptionist over the phone if the dentist specialized in root canals and the office gal put me on hold, came back to the phone and stated yes that they specialized treating patients with root canals, she went on to say, if this is an emergency that I can be seen the same day.

When I arrived to the Dental office, the appearance of the office looked very exotic with a fancy construction build out something that reminded of a Star Trek movie. I’d notice the Dentist running around in the hall way making copies of documents while I was being entertained by his staff. I was called into a room 20 minutes from waiting in the lobby for X-rays. The technician asked where was I experiencing the most pain and she took X-rays of just three teeth and not the full mouth.

Within 35 minutes, the second gal who was the receptionist walked into the room. Before any treatments or X-ray explanations she begins a sentence with “She did not know what I could afford?” Apprehensively , she begin explaining the findings of the X-ray taken of the three teeth, however I could not understand what she was trying to convey because of her lack of experience reading X-rays. After not understanding the receptionist I’d demanded to speak to the dentist. The dentist finally walked into the room 25 minutes later with a nasty deposition and handed me a flyer of an African American boy who died of rotten teeth. I begin asking questions about the findings of the X-rays, and the dentist responded with a nasty smirk; his actions gave an impression as if he didn’t want to treat, or touch an African American.

He went on to explain the X-rays, and suggested that I should seek another dentist for general treatments and recommended that I should see a dentist that specialized in root canals. I’d asked the dentist for a prescription for pain the dentist in return begins to ask allot of unusual questions as if I was a street person who was a drug user. He hesitated to write the prescriptions and stated that he doesn’t get involved with giving patient prescriptions to medications. He continued to push the flyer in my face of the African American boy who died of rotten teeth because his mother could not afford dental insurance. The dentist went on to say that I would need a crown after the root canal and can be seen by any dentist! I begin asking the dentist about his fees concerning crowns, the dentist assumed because I was African American that I could not afford his dental services and printed an extra nominal fee of $2,200 per crown. His office charged me a consulting fee, close to $200 bucks for No treatment and phony Xrays.

Racism in Orange County in the Dental Practices?
well they sound very unprofessional and would be wise to not go back to them fools, but why would you goto an ER for tooth pain in the first place. hmm
Reply:Oh I am so sorry this happened to you. Remember you live in OC and as you know we are known for being "sue-happy" but this is a definite case for a law suit. I cannot believe this dentist would act in such an unprofessional manner %26amp; to top that, I don't understand why you paid him the $200--I would have walked out. You should definitely demand your money back and take this to the medical board he can get in some serious trouble by being discriminatory. He was completely out of line %26amp; you did not deserve this treatment at all.

I really hope that you pursue this and take action, remember if this happened to you then it is going to happen to others as well. You can be the first to put a stop to it. Age, race, color discrimination is illegal in any field, and that most definitely includes dentistry.

On a lighter note I hope your tooth is feeling better...get well soon!

Shomre shabbos?

Help us settle this halachic question, please. If a doctor, dentist, etc is shomer shabbos, can he/or she take emergency call? That is, would this person be allowed to answer a pager and drive to the emergency room to take care of a patient? Likewise, would he/she be allowed to drive home after the patient is seen?

Shomre shabbos?

I find it hilarious that the word "Shabbos" now seems to be intrinsically linked to the movie THE BIG LEBOWSKI...

Reply:While entertaining, none of the answers were actually useful or helpful. (I am also a Big Lebowski fan...have gone to Lebowski Fest and have seen the movie many times). Report It

Reply:Saturday, Donny, is Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest. That means that I don't work, I don't get in a car, I don't f*cking ride in a car, I don't pick up the phone, I don't turn on the oven, and I sure as sh-t don't f*cking roll! Shomer shabbos!
Reply:I don't know any Orthodox Dr's...It's possible that they'd defer to other Dr's. The Dr's I know are reform or conservative and they place the value of a human life above the adherence to the Sabboth. PEACE!
Reply:Who here now is really qualified to answer your question? It is the Sabbath in most of Earth's time zones.
Reply:I don't know any orthodox doctors. Now, I'm not Jewish either. I'm messianic.

But if we follow by example, Jesus healed on Shabbat - so there are obviously exceptions since he was without sin. The pharasees were always testing him on the laws.

We have to drive to shul, because it's pretty far and there are none near me. I can't exactly afford to just pick up and move - especially since we don't own our building and that location could possible change someday.

Not being orthodox, we use power, the phone, and drive. My children and I don't do "strenuous labor", chores, or homework/business during Shabbat.

EDIT***Meg: That's so right on! Even I need to get off of here and go set the table.

REALLY bad toothache - please help?

I've got a really bad toothache, it started this morning and it's got worse through the day. It's there all the time and it's really really sore. I've already taken ibuprofen but it hasn't done anything to the pain. My mum's going to phone the dentist first thing tomorrow morning to get me an emergency appointment, but what can I do until then? I'm 14 years old. The tooth already has a filling in it from a few years ago, so I don't know what's wrong with it. Can it get a cavity even though it's already got a filling in it?

Please tell me how I can get rid of this pain, even just for a little while..........

REALLY bad toothache - please help?
I have the same problem with my tooth that has a filling. It hurts one day and not the next. I think it could be that part of the filling has came out and is causing air to get down in the cavity of the tooth. The filling will probably have to be filled. If you have a heating pad that really helps if you lay your cheeck on it. And if you don't have a heating pad, then get a wet wash cloth and put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds. The heat will really help. About the ibuprofen, assuming I don't know how much of it you took, it is safe to take 4 tablets of ibuprofen which equals 800mg. That is prescription strength in which a doctor would prescribe for pain. Not anymore than that though in a 12 hour period. Hope your pain eases.
Reply:Try using an ice pack...
Reply:brush ur teeth,advil,see a dentist
Reply:Get some Oral-gel from the store. It will numb it so you wont be able to feel the pain.
Reply:Rinse your toothache away. Take a mouthful of water (at body temperature) and rinse vigorously, says Dr. Taintor. If your toothache is caused by trapped food, a thorough rinse may dislodge the problem.

Floss gently. If swishing doesn't work, you can try to pry the popcorn hulls or tiny bits of meat out from between your teeth by flossing, says Dr. Taintor. Be gentle! Your gums are likely to be sore.

Take a "shot" to numb the pain. Hold a swig of whiskey over the painful tooth, says Dr. Corn. Your gums will absorb some of the alcohol and that will numb the pain. Spit out the rest.

Rinse with salty water. After each meal and at bedtime, stir 1 teaspoon of salt into an 8-ounce glass of water (again, at body temperature), says Dr. Corn. Hold each mouthful, roll it around your mouth. Spit.

Try a hand massage. When you have an achy tooth, this can ease the pain by 50 percent. Rub an ice cube into the V-shaped area where the bones of the thumb and forefinger meet. Gently push the ice over the area for 5 to 7 minutes.

In a study, Ronald Melzack, Ph.D., a Canadian researcher and past president of the International Association for the Study of Pain, found ice massage eased toothaches in 60 to 90 percent of the people who tried it. His research shows this procedure works by sending rubbing impulses along the nerve pathways that the toothache pain would normally travel on. Since the pathways can carry only one signal at a time, rubbing outweighs the pain.

Oil up with oil of cloves. People have been using this over-the-counter remedy for many years, says Richard Shepard, D.D.S., a retired dentist in Durango, Colorado. Most drugstores carry tiny bottles of the oil. Drop a little directly onto the tooth, or dab a little on a cotton ball and pack the elixir next to the ache.

Don't bite. If the toothache is caused by a blow to the tooth, try not to use that area when you eat, says Dr. Corn. If nothing is damaged, rest for the tooth may restore its vitality.

Suck on some ice. Treat the problem like any good bruise. Use ice, says Dr. Corn. Put ice on the aching tooth or the nearest cheek for 15-minute intervals at least three or four times a day.

Keep your mouth shut. If cold air moving past the tooth is a problem, just shut off the flow, says Roger P. Levin, D.D.S., president of the Baltimore Academy of General Dentistry and a guest lecturer for the University of Maryland.

Or keep your mouth open. Some toothaches happen when a person's bite isn't quite right. In that case, says Dr. Levin, avoid shutting your mouth as much as possible until the dentist can take a look.

Swallow your aspirin. Don't believe that old-time remedy calling for placing an aspirin directly on the aching gum. This can cause an aspirin burn, says Dr. Taintor. For pain relief, take an aspirin every 4 to 6 hours as required.

Stay cool. Keep heat away from your aching cheek even if it makes the toothache feel better, warns Dr. Corn. "If it is an infection, the heat will draw the infection to the outside of the jaw and make the infection worse."
Reply:orgel extra strengh or take 2 alive
Reply:You can try Orajel cream, it will relieve the pain but only for a short time, and it will make your mouth numb. You pretty much just have to be patient until you go see the dentist, unless you just drink nyquil and sleep the day/night away.
Reply:Put some ground cloves around the tooth. And yes, you can have your cavity grow under the filling or get a new cavity in the same tooth.
Reply:Ouch, sorry you're in so much pain sweetie, I know how bad a toothache can hurt and it's horrible. You could try some clove oil if you've got any in the house, or if not, bite down on a wet teabag with the sore tooth, the tannin in the teabag helps with the pain. Sometimes ice helps, try holding an ice cube next to the sore tooth. I hope you manage to get an appointment tomorrow, there's nothing worse than toothache.

And yes, you can get a cavity in a tooth that already has a filling in it, either a new cavity in a "clean" bit of tooth, or more decay around and underneath the filling that's already there.
Reply:Oil of cloves will kill the pain immiediately. you'll get it at any chemist shop.
Reply:who cares that is stupid don't clutter the internet with your nonsense

ask a dentist not people all over the world
Reply:try putting ice on it or eating something cold like a popsicle. I think it's possible for it to have a cavity, but I don't know. Hopefully the dentist will sort it out for you!! I hope you feel could also try numbing it, but I don't know how and that might we weird
Reply:You've already taken Ibuprofen...there's not much more you can do. Ice your jaw maybe to numb it a bit. Tylenol 3 if you have any. Sounds like you need root canal like I did last week. I worried for nothing though as the root canal was almost painless and it took away the toothache very quickly....good luck to you.
Reply:Have some Tylenol first.
Reply:I understand just how you feel . It sounds like you may have an infection. Rinse your month with some Listerine. As far as the pain Vicoden works best for toothaches.
Reply:go to the drug store and purchase oral gel it will numb the area the same as the dentist would with a shot of novacaine although it will not last as long so re-applicatio is needed constantly. You cn always put ice on the area as well(not inside though..Duh?) but other than that that's pretty much your choices-the oral gel should help till tomorrow-
Reply:c a dentist take pain killer do somthing jss STOP WASTING MY TIME!!!!!
Reply:Go to the store and buy Clove. Then boil it a swish the juice around in your mouth. It works miracles!!

Or you can just buy the oil
Reply:Try 800 mg of Ibu. If this still does not work, try holding an ice cube on the skin between the thumb and forefinger on the hand opposite the side the tooth is on.

(tooth on right, ice on left hand, vice versa) Don't laugh, worked for me. It wouldn't hurt to gargle with some warm salt water.
Reply:an old herbal remedy is oil of cloves rubbed onto the gum by the problem tooth, this is better than taking pain killers.
Reply:I know this sounds gross but you can place aspirin on the spot where its throbbing or get toilet paper a wet it with hot water(make sure its a thick piece and bite down on it. Ummmm or go to your local drug store and get a toothache gel that will numb your tooth once you rub it arond the area.

good luck!
Reply:If you have a cavity, eat on the opposite side of your mouth, try to keep air out of your mouth, don't eat real warm or cold things.

If you have swelling of your jaw or mouth and a temperature, perhaps your mother could take you to urgent care you may need an antibiotic. Hope these suggestions help.
Reply:Keep a pepper(the hole pepper not the powder) and a pinch of sult in your mouth ... bout don't chew it just keep would help....
Reply:You're going to have to trust me with this one! Do you trust me?? Ibuprofen! If you've taken it and it doesn't work, YOU HAVEN'T TAKEN ENOUGH! Some people are so paranoid about taking large doses, but don't be afraid to take four of the 200 mg. pills (I use the soft gels--they go to work faster!) every four hours, or as long as the pain lasts! And SERIOUSLY, if you take it RELIGIOUSLY, you won't have ANY PAIN!! I'm being honest--it's a miracle drug for me! Don't believe the hype that "you'll suffer kidney damage" or some stupid thing!! As long as you have something to eat/drink with it, there won't be a problem! HONESTLY, there is NO NEED TO BE IN PAIN--I took it just before TWO SEPARATE ROOT CANAL SURGERIES, and I NEVER FELT THE PAIN, if I took four every four hours! You gotta trust me on this, okay?? I know you're only 14, but tell your parents that my father has been a doctor for over fifty years, and he hasn't led me wrong yet!! You don't need to suffer from the toothache pain! Please, at least just try it!!
Reply:God, and always on the weekend, too, right? We never get a toothache on a Tuesday when you can hop in the car and get it fixed in half an hour. Listen... try hot or cold water first. Find out which one your tooth does not react to. When you find which one, then slosh that water around in your mouth whenever the tooth starts to scream at you.This way you can scream back at it a little. Hot or cold water will help you buy a little time, which is what you need right now. Something which I found helped me was to wad up some Kleenex and get your cheek away from the tooth. Your cheek is warm and that is keeping the tooth hot and that might by why it has so much to say. So - isolate your tooth from your cheek. Listerine tastes awful, but it has a numbing effect to some extent on toothaches. If you can stand the taste for a couple of seconds, try that. What else? As strange as this sounds, I have managed to get two teeth to shut up by squeezing hard on them, slowly and firmly. When I let up, the tooth lets up, too. You have from now until sunset or when you go to bed, to get something into place so you can get a good night's sleep. I wish you all the luck in the world finding someone who can help you nail this one. I have been there and I can honestly tell you I know what you are going through right this minute. God Bless You and your poor tooth, hang in there! And get something in place before it gets dark! - Best from G. in South Portland, Maine.
Reply:Use baby orajel... nothing like it!
Reply:There is probably a tiny hole somewhere in the sore tooth and the root or nerve is infected (that's what happened to me).

Ask your mum if there's any Whisky or similar and swill your mouth out with it (It won't be enough to get you drunk!).

You can take a LITTLE over the recommended dose of pain killer if it's very bad without it harming you.

If you can find the hole that is causing the pain try to cover it with cotton wool, tissue or blu-tak this will stop air getting to it and will take the edge off the pain to last until the morning.

If your Mum has any sleeping pills you might try one.

I hope some of this will help you get trough tonight, I know how awful it must be.

Reply:Use clove oil available from any health food store or chemist
Reply:try to keep it clean as possible. mouth wash will also help, it may sting a little but it will help!
Reply:Clove oil is brilliant, alternate that with toothing gel, and try and get some co-codamol (much better than paracetamol or ibruprofen)

DONT put ice anywhere near it!!!!!

Unless you want a nice sharp pain....the clove oil and toothing gel will numb it.

Wet a flannel and microwave it, tie it in a tesco bag, wrap another thin towel round it and press this against your me, i had tooth ache so bad it went from my neck to my ear, all the way up to the top of my head!!!

I nearly passed out and had to be taken to hospital
Reply:Just go to the dentist now for emergency treatment.

Don't worry about appointment.

He will surely have some small gap between appointments.

Best of luck.

Hope that you feel better soon.

How does it feel to have your hard earned wages?

spent on welfare for this person?

Friend goes to visit dentist but her appointment is cancelled due to an emergency patient. The patient is a 5 or 6 yo child with three abcessed teeth that need pulled. Mother, in her late teens or early twenties, also has a two yo and infant in tow. Mother gets mad at the two yo's behavior and smacks him upside the head/face and halfway across the waiting room. Friend is so shocked that she says, "you could have hurt him." Mother says, "f@ck you, he's my kid and you can't tell me what to do." This is a factual situation, nothing made up and probably not uncommon. How can anyone say that paying for a woman to reproduce and raise children in this manner is anything but wrong?

How does it feel to have your hard earned wages?
This happens to be an extreme case -- not all welfare recipients act in this manner. Welfare does help a lot of needy and underprivileged people.

It's acts from people like this who give the system a bad name.

Whats the bad apple spoils the bunch?
Reply:How do you know she's on welfare? It seems like a lot is being assumed in this story. It is entirely possible to be comfortably middle class, and still be a poor parent. Britney Spears is a millionaire for chrissake!
Reply:A lot better than knowing my hard earned wages were going towards corporate welfare. Talk about a money drain! People like the woman you're describing is nickel and dime stuff compared the CEO's of this country sucking at the government's teet.
Reply:I understand where you are going with this. If she is on Welfare because she has these kids without caring how she is going to take care of them, and apparently she doesn't care about them......why have them in the 1st place for our taxes to support.
Reply:That's why I support ABORTION for people that want one.

As you can see, unwanted children are worse off than if they'd not been born.

Support a womans right to choose

Vote Democratic
Reply:Why didn't your friend call the police and report the child endangerment/assault?We can all set around and cast blame;maybe if we stood up and did something about the problem,these cases of child abuse and system abuse would disappear.
Reply:You really believe that only people on welfare act like that?
Reply:i dont like the mother .isee that kind of thing i walk into that person then tell them to watch where the f their going. we spend so much on helping other nations and waste so much on other stupid things. i think we sould tie her as to stop it. but stop welfare no way . we need to take care of americas kids ,elderly, and handy capd .

vc .net