Saturday, November 14, 2009

Will the ER pull a tooth out if you are having severe pain?

If you go to the emergency room, will they treat you for a really painful toothache, possibley infected? Are there "emergency" dentist on call? If not, do you know of a way to have a tooth pulled on very limited funds?

Will the ER pull a tooth out if you are having severe pain?
No, they will refer you to a Oral Surgeon! I worked Dental ER and only Broken Jaws, Facial Fractures are repaired on an emergency basis.
Reply:If they do that to you, it'll be a sure fire way to revoke their licence to operate because that will send you fast to your grave.

if you really have a bad toothache, there are a lot of over -the-counter meds that will temporarily relieve you of the pain. As soon as it subsides, that's the only time you could be operated on for your toothache. And besides, tooth extraction don't cost much? Or does it in your country?
Reply:ER doctors can't pull your tooth. If there is a dental school near you they will pull the tooth for little money. Where I live to have a tooth pulled by a proper dentist can cost about 130 dollars. A lot if you ask me.

In the meantime put clove oil on the tooth. Also brush your teeth with tea tree oil on the toothpaste.
Reply:WHAT? What the hell is Mike talking about. I extract teeth all the time when the person has a toothache. It's more difficult to achieve profound anesthesia but it's perfectly normal.

As far as the ER, they won't pull your tooth. They'll give you pain meds and possibly antibiotics then tell you to go see a dentist.
Reply:No they will not pull a tooth. They will prescribe pain killers . And no respectable dentists or Doctor should pull a tooth while its infected. They should treat the infection first with antibiotics to make it go away before the tooth is pulled. The shot they give you to deaden the nerve want work until the infection is gone. And the infection in ones tooth is very dangerous and can spread through out the gums and face.
Reply:Yes its true. Most teeth should not be extracted when there is an active infection and most Hospital ER will give you Antibiotics and Pain Killers to take care of the infection and the pain. However, there are exceptions to every rule. While it is generally considered a high risk to extract an infected tooth. Sometimes, we do pull them and prescribe strong Antibiotics to drain an underlying abcess.

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