Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dentists open on Saturday or emergency treatment - Bristol area?


I need a wisdom tooth removed and a root canal filling. I won't go into the problems i've had with my dentist but would like to find a dentist in the Bristol area who is open on a Saturday or evenings. I'm not happy with the way l keep being charged for my dentists mistakes so looking for a trustworthy and professional practice. Many thanks

Dentists open on Saturday or emergency treatment - Bristol area?
Hi I live in Bristol and I think you will be hard pushed to find one open on a Saturday especially for that kind of treatment. You used to be able to go the the dental hospital (next the eye hospital by the bus station) and just turn up and wait to be seen but I am not sure if they do that anymore. There is a large dental practice on the main roundabout at Filton - I call it the Rolls Royce roundabout - top of gloucester road by Snow and Rock. They are taking on NHS patients and may be open on a Saturday. It may be a case of getting out the yellow pages and ringing around - good luck.
Reply:The Dental Hospital only take you if it's a desperate emergency and they prefer you to be unregistered. Have you tried looking on NHS Direct as they've got lists of dentists on there. My dentist in Bristol is lousy - keeps telling me I'm just playing him up when I'm terrified!

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