Thursday, November 12, 2009

Should i go to the emergency room?

yesterday my tooth became absessed. and i feel like someone hit me hard in the face.its a little swollen.i called my regular doctor to call in a prescription for antibiotics today.. but he hasnt done it.i can wait till tomorrow to go to a dentist are go to the emergency room for them to give me some anitibiotics. what to do

Should i go to the emergency room?
Unfortunately I have had this experience more than once. Do you have a DENTAL HOSPITAL in your area? Or a regular dentist? This qualifies as a dental emergency, and they should be more willing to call you in an antibiotic. Most of the time with an abcess you need to take antibiotics for a few days before they want to pull or work on the tooth. This is so the infection doesn't spread throughout your body. So the sooner you call, the better.Don't let it go on untreated, whatever you do.

I feel very sorry for you, I have been there. Anti inflammatories ( advil, aleve ) will help a little, but only a dentist can fix this. And just so you know, most of the time root canals are not as bad as they are made out to be. I have had several.
Reply:I wouldn't go to the ER, but you could try an Urgent Care. Emergency rooms are for more serious injuries, but abcess CAN be dangerous, so...I'd try an Urgent Care so AT LEAST they can check you out and get you started on something if they think it's bad enough.

Good luck! Tooth problems really stink!
Reply:Personally, I'd go to an urgent care center if you have one nearby. They're just like a doctors office, only you can walk in. They take most insurance, so it should be about the same as going to a doctor's office visit. They can also write a prescription for you if they feel you need it.

However, if you feel it's an emergency, then by all means get yourself to the emergency room!

I hope your tooth feels better!
Reply:I learned that when it's a dental problem. Go to the doctor or the dentest. Both will know what to do. You could go to the emergency room but it'll cost you more money but at least you won't have to sit in pain then much longer. There are ups and downs to everything. It's your choice.
Reply:I had the same problem 1 week ago. except with 2 teeth. they hurt so bad I was ballin. The hospital will just give you pain med and thats it. I had to wait 3 weeks, then had to go to a dental surgeon. But , I feel tons better now. My advice, get to the dentist SOON !!! good luck, i feel ur pain
Reply:Go to the emergency room. They will either give you a prescription for antibiotics or give you some via IV which seems to work alot quicker. They will probably also give you a script for a pain killer. Do NOT suffer needlessly!!!
Reply:Warm salt and water rinses. Peroxide and warm water rinses help a lot....taste gross! Take some Advil (ibuprofen) for swelling and pain..seriously they really help! Get to a Dentist as soon as you can. Good Luck
Reply:Call your doctor office again. They should have an on call service and there will be a doctor on call. If that doesn't work try an urgent care center. I would call first and ask them what they think you should do.

I think if you go to the ER you will be stuck waiting there for hours and you will be miserable there.
Reply:Do you have a dentist? They usually are on-call for emergencies. If not,I'd go to urgent care. Mouth pain is horrible.In the meantime you can chew an aspirin on it for pain relief

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